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US Army, 2000-2001 Injured during training exercise, discharged 2002. Father of 4 Married 12 years. I play acoustic guitar when I can, and am currently employed for a small NE software company. I graduated in May 08 with a 3.57 with my BS in Info Systems Management (voc rehab). I am rated 40% with Invertebral Disc syndroms,10% tinnitus, and 10% radiculopathy.
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pretty liberal, fisc
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don't ask
Doane College 0, Information Systems Management/Sys. Analysis

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While they can't lever VA disability directly, it is still 'incoming money' and they are quite free to lever the account that it is coming into, or the person to which it is owed, without the language of the garnishment actually saying "VA Disability". I don't believe, however, that those particular funds can be frozen, but you have to go to the bank and tell them that the funds are exempt-they, of course, will not do it for you and are quite happy to charge you a fee...
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Reading Mil Sci Fi ( Ringo, Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, David Drake), playing acoustic guitar, reading tech blogs/geek news.

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